Parisian emotions

Published on 19.12.2017
"To reveal the multiplicity of these emotions to remind ourselves that artistic creativity is a shared asset that unites us, and that the cultural heritage of the City of Paris is a powerful melting pot of experiences and interactions"

As part of the Cultural Season launching, the Ministry of Culture entrust the movie realisation to the actor and director Mélanie Laurent.

"In one of the permanent collection rooms of the Centre Georges Pompidou, a guide holds his hands over the eyes of a visitor and leads the visitor towards Matisse's blue nudes... The camera rst shows us the visitor and the guide from behind as they face the pictures. Then, in a single, smooth movement, it tracks closer to them and moves around them at precisely the moment when the guide lowers his hands... the camera movement ends with the visitor's face in close-up as he takes in the cut-outs. It records the emotion that grips the viewer. The same experience is repeated in the other selected venues: in the wings at the Opéra Garnier, in the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles, in the orchestra pit at the Philharmonie, etc. It's also about demonstrating that Paris is still the city that o ers visitors a uniquely special relationship with artistic creativity. I believe that an artwork has the ability to change lives. Having this faith in art requires a deep-rooted belief in ourselves as humans, our ability to be emotionally moved, to express curiosity and to think abstract thoughts. I wanted to make a lm that conveys this strength of art by trying to capture - on faces - the real very emotion that encountering a masterpiece for the rst time can evoke. This emotion is di erent for everyone, depending on their background, culture and sensitivities. But we all have it."

Paris en émotions

Produced in partnership with France Télévisions, this lm forms part of the Atout France communication campaign, and will be broadcast on the France Télévisions and France Médias Monde channels, as well as via other channels, websites and social media.