Cultural season 2017

The "Saison culturelle 2017" (Cultural Season 2017) is the rst initiative of its kind designed purely for the promotion of culture in France and abroad. Its aim is to highlight vibrant cultural life of Paris and the Paris Region across all sectors of the arts. It demonstrates that culture is not exclusive to Paris, but is equally strong throughout the country, and o ers an experience like no other.

The "Saison culturelle 2017" is supported by an unusually powerful partnership between central government, through the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Tourism, the City of Paris and the Paris Region. All three have worked closely together to develop and present the "Saison culturelle 2017" and to organise a series of promotional initiatives, including a press trip during March and the launch party on 20 March.

The "Saison culturelle 2017" is the centrepiece of a far-reaching national and international communication campaign developed jointly and funded as part of the €8 million tourism relaunch plan, of which €4 million is being contributed by central government, €2 million by the City of Paris and a further €2 million by the Paris Region.