Ville de Paris

Published on 17.03.2017

Paris is the leading international tourist destination, the world capital of fashion and luxury and it is the global leader in terms of cultural facilities (theatres, opera houses, museums, cinemas, concert halls, etc.).

Paris is the ideal city world. It has always been a welcoming environment for people from elsewhere. Paris and the Parisians can rightly boast a cultural heritage brought from across the globe and which, as a result, has an eclectic offering guaranteeing “something for everyone”.

The latest PwC “Cities of Opportunity” index published by PwC in 2016 put Paris equal first with New York for its quality of life. It also stood out as a welcoming environment with its facilities for both leisure and business tourism. Paris is second as far as cultural vitality is concerned, fourth for the life quality. Furthermore, Paris is fourth overall in the world in terms of the most attractive major cities according to the international investors interviewed for the “Global Cities Investment Monitor 2016” study conducted by KPMG.