Regional Tourism Committee

Published on 15.03.2017

The "Comité Régional du Tourism" (CRT, Regional Tourism Committee, premier institutional tourist operator in Paris Region, promotes and develops the destination through its work with tourism industry players and visitors. It puts in place the resources, tools, guidance and the network enabling Paris Region tourism professionals to develop and distribute a qualitative, innovative and adapted offering, thus reinforcing the appeal of the destination, building visitor loyalty, securing the economic vitality of the sector and ensuring its sustainable future.

The Paris Region CRT Paris observes, analyses, anticipates ...

Tourism is a fast-changing sector. The CRT’s observation and analytical teams ensure it is permanently updated about the sector. This data and their analysis are made available to all tourism industry players during regular meetings and in the form of publications.

... innovates and designs ...

The CRT mobilises the tourism players around new ideas satisfying visitors’ expectations of the destination. Mobility, accessibility, accommodation, the quality of greeting visitors, and business tourism are some of the main areas in which the CRT works.

... advises and guides ...

The CRT provides the players of the Paris Region tourism sector with its knowledge of the destination, its holistic approach to the industry and a network of partners. It provides them with resources, advice and guidance to help them develop and promote a qualitative and sustainable offering.

... promotes and communicates ...

The CRT develops promotional tools concerning the destination for tourism industry players as well as French and foreign journalists. Its team propose an approach blending tourism, culture, leisure, and the French art de vivre, encouraging the discovery of new and alternative tourism offerings.
It ensures the promotion of the latest cultural and leisure developments to the Paris Region community.

... greets

The quality of greeting afforded to visitors begins upon their arrival in Paris Region. Since 2006, the CRT, with the support of the Conseil Régional d’Ile-de-France (Paris Region Regional Council) and Paris Airports, welcomes visitors at strategic entry points of the destination.