France Médias Monde

Published on 17.03.2017

The France Médias Monde group is made up of trilingual news channel France 24, global radio station RFI and Arabic university radio station Monte Carlo Doualiya. The three channels broadcast live from Paris to 5 continents in 15 languages. Through its news bulletins, reports, series and debates, the group’s network of correspondents and journalists offer listeners, viewers and internet users a multi-national and culturally diverse information service that remains entirely open to different points of view. The group employs citizens from 66 different countries. Every week RFI, France 24 and Monte Carlo Doualiya broadcast to nearly 100 million listeners and viewers (a total measured from the figures available in less than a third of the countries where they are present). Each month, the three services receive 31 million visits to their various online pages (average from 2016), nearly 40% of which access them in a language other than French. Together, the three outlets have amassed over 50 million followers on Facebook and Twitter. France Médias Monde is also a stakeholder and partner of free-to-air generalist French television channel TV5MONDE.

The three services reserve a special place in their schedules to fulfilling the international demand for French cultural and lifestyle programming. In addition to the range of current affairs covered by its news bulletins, cultural issues are specifically dealt with on France 24 (with programmes such as A l’affiche/Encore!, Paris des arts, Vous êtes ici, French Connection, Paris Secret), RFI (Vous m’en direz des nouvelles, Si loin, si proche) and MCD (Voyage en France, Salon parisien, Café chaud). The three channels will ensure that latest news from the Saison Culturelle 2017 reaches people all around the world.