Centre Pompidou celebrates its 40th birthday in Paris

Published on 07.03.2017
Centre Pompidou was 40 this 31 january 2017 and celebrates this special anniversary through a multidisciplinary programme all year long.
Le Centre Pompidou
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Dans l'antre de la chenille des escaliers mécaniques du Centre Pompidou


Cy Twombly, Until 24 April

Unprecedented in its scope, this first complete retrospective of work by American artist Cy Twombly retraces the artist’s entire career in a chronological sequence of 140 paintings, sculptures, drawings and photographs. From his rst work of the early 1950s notable for its gra ti and calligraphy, to his 1960s compositions, from his response to minimalism and conceptual art in the 1970s through to his nal paintings, this retrospective highlights the importance of cycles and series through which Cy Twombly reinvents historical painting.

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Transfers - Creations / Print the world in 3D, Until 19 June

From design object to architectural prototype, from the production workshop to innovative research projects, this exhibition brings together a younger generation of artists, designers and architects who have adopted 3D printing as a critical tool for experimentation. In its selection of some thirty creators, "Imprimer le monde" (Printing the World) highlights the transformation of forms within a “digital materiality” that has given birth to a new type of object and within which 3D printing is the common denominator.

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MONNAIE DE PARIS : Sculpture in Centre Pompidou Collections, Until 9 July

From Rodin to Brancusion, the exhibition tries its best to create a new vision of the Centre Pompidou collections. Through this exhibition, an other sculpture story is described with several peices of work from all over the world.


MUSÉE PICASSO : Picasso 1947, Until 27 january 2018

This project put in contribution the two partners institutions' funds in order to present at the same time the pieces of work and the records to tell the creation story and the first exhibition.

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MUSÉE D'ART MODERNE DE LA VILLE DE PARIS (PARIS MODERN ART MUSEUM) : Derain, Balthus, Giacometti, Until 29 october

The rst of its kind, this exhibition explores the relationship between three major artists of the 20th century: Derain, Balthus and Giacometti. Featuring close to 200 works, it retraces the key points in this artistic friendship. Its chronological and thematic sequencing takes visitors through their big landscapes, still lives and shared portrait subjects: actors, collectors, friends, gallery owners and models. The exhibition ends with a major sequence that focuses on their post-war works, which reveal the doubts and obsessions of a faltering world.

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JEU DE PAUME : Eli Lotar, Until 28 may

The exhibition shines a new light on the role of this crucial gure of avant-garde photography, from the "Nouvelle Vision" to documentary lm via urban, industrial and maritime landscapes. His portraits reveal his interest in having models adopt various poses for the camera, and demonstrate his close ties to many of the leading artists of his day.

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VILLA VASSILIEV : Marc Vaux, Until 30 december

The story of this former carpenter who became a photograph in the 20's. Until the 70's, he has produced more than 250 000 glass plates.

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