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Who can contribute to "Cultural season" project?

Performance hall, art creation places, concert hall, museums, exhibition places and galleries, monuments, castles, palaces, houses, workshops, parks and gardens, international fairs.

Your institution has a regular cultural programme

Your institution is in Paris and its region

Furthermore, it is highly recommended to :

  • to spotlight a programme that will be in interest with foreign tourists 
  • to fill all categories and respect our section instructions
  • please fill the categories in french

How to participate?

Do you wish to present your programme as part of the Cultural Season in Paris and its region? Simple and Easy!
Inform freely your events on the cultural agenda of the ministry of Culture and Communication

Your events will be checked out by the Cultural Season team before publication

Please be careful : places are fully responsible of the contents published on the agenda. They have to be sure to have the image rights because otherwise those couldn't be used by others.

Cultural season in Ile-de-France region is based on Open Agenda.
You'll find on the website an online support as well as a chat window for any technique inquiries.
You also can watch help tutorials on contributing on Open Agenda channel on Youtube.

To be noted : to fully take advantage of Open Agenda solution, it is highly recommended to use a modern browser.

Useful contacts

For any request, please contact us via our online form.